How 360° is born



Surrounded by vineyards of Barbera, Moscato and Brachetto at 360 degrees, Alice Bel Colle Winery and its one hundred winegrowers partner aim to consolidate the strong wine identity of the Alto Monferrato Acquese, in order to enhance its knowledge among connoisseurs.

For this purpose, a NEW RANGE OF WINES has been created which is highly representative of this territory which is distinguished by the vocation of 3 great varieties: Barbera, Brachetto and Moscato.

The labels of the new range are inspired by the village of Alice Bel Colle, surrounded in fact by vineyards at 360 degrees, which represents the synthesis and the character of this territory.

COLLECTION 360° is the heart of the Range of wines of Alice bel Colle: for these wines a specific production protocol that provides for maximum care and attention involves the partners with the most suitable vineyards. The result: authentic wines, full of aromas and structure, which best reflect the character of the territory.


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