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Selection “Vigne”

  • rossi_coste
    Coste di Muiran
    dolcetto d'acqui d.o.c.

    Colour: deep purple and violet.
    Aroma: fruity bouquet with clear notes of black cherries, ripe plums and raspberry aromas.
    Palate: good bodied, with some richness from dark fruit flavours balanced by cherry notes. The tannins are moderate giving good mouth-feel and length, with a pleasant aftertaste of bitter almonds.
    Analytic data: 13.5% vol.

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  • rossi_alix
    barbera d'asti d.o.c.g.

    Colour: deep and intense ruby red colour, with purple highlights.
    Aroma: vibrant aromas of black cherries and prunes, with toasty undertones and a touch of mint in the glass.
    Palate: this Barbera is good-bodied with an abundance of ripe, fruity prunes and black cherries showing through on the palate.
    Analytic data: 14.5% vol.

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  • rossi_alcaso
    Al Casò
    barbera d'asti d.o.c.g.

    Colour: bright cherry red.
    Aroma: elderberries, peppered strawberry.
    Palate: fresh, juicy red berry fruits. A good-bodied, easy drinking wine with a lively finish.
    Analytic data: 14.5% vol.

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