Vigneto Sociale


‘vigneto sociale’ is an eco-sustainable project by the alice bel colle cooperative winery, which has produced the world’s first ecotourism wine!

It is an important first step towards the eco-sustainability of the wine-growing environment in the heart of monferrato. the members of the alice bel colle winemaking cooperative members have committed themselves in a key moment for piedmontese wine-growing and its landscape: 300 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in accordance with regional agri-environmental directives, with 10 hectares completely free from the use of chemical fertilisers and herbicides. this has been done out of respect for the environment and the landscape and to offer opportunities to those who love wine and its habitat to enjoy the supreme integrity of monferrato.

Membership of the winegrowing cooperative means contributing to the improvement and appreciation of this hill country environment. Those who join the winegrowing cooperative purchase eur 100 wine shares and are guaranteed 40 litres of wine, thereby supporting more responsible wine-growing, with adequate compensation for the efforts of those growers who only use natural cultivation methods and avoid the use of chemical fertilisers and herbicides.
come and visit us at the winery, purchase your wine shares and allotted metres of vines, and whenever you go to one of our 100 associated taverns and restaurants, you won’t have pay for our wine, because it’s yours too! become a winegrower!


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