White wines


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Selection “Vigne”

  • dolci_bricdelrose
    Bric del Rose

    Colour: light gold and green.
    Aroma: powerful aromas of roses and fresh flowers, Moscato grapes, honey and ripe citrus fruits.
    Palate: light dry and fresh, containing flavours of ripe grape, with a very slight sweet finish.
    Analytic data:12,5% vol.

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  • fraschetta
    La Fraschetta
    Piemonte Chardonnay d.o.c.

    Colour: light gold.
    Aroma: lifted aromas of stone fruits and melons.
    Palate: medium bodied, containing flavours of ripe peaches and tropical fruit. It has some yeast and malolactic complexity, but retains its pureness of Chardonnay fruit.
    Analytic data: 12.5% vol.

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  • casarei
    Cortese Alto Monferrato D.O.C.

    Colour: light green.
    Aroma: ripe grapefruit.
    Palate: medium bodied, with citrus flavours and mineral notes, it finishes with gently zesty acidity.
    Analytic data: 12% vol.

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