A look at the future

Since 1955, year of its foundation, while concentrating the production above all on Barbera, the winery aimed to support the predisposition of its territory through the production of sweet aromatic wines.

Over time, this has become possible thanks to the introduction of INCREASINGLY SOPHISTICATED filtering systems and mechanical barriers, stainless steel tanks, cold rooms with capacity for up to 22,000 hectoliter and, in the last seven years, high-tech microfiltration COHERENTLY WITH AN INCREASINGLY SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION.

Many worthy figures get around
the Winery,such as Beppe Caviola,
one of the best oenologists of Piedmont.

The areas most naturally suited for this prestigious production remained cultivated with Barbera, embellished by the natural predisposition of the territory to release an extraordinary olfactory intensity. More than half a century after its foundation, the company has undergone a significant evolution: today, it is the place where the excellence is acquired and expressed to win the market competition by finding a synthesis to the plurality. It is also a research and development engine, with yearly constant investments in technological innovation.

3 fundamental steps


Contact with consumers

The Alice Bel Colle winery seeks to establish increasingly direct contact with its end consumers. For this purpose, the winery store offers a selection of DOC and DOCG wines.


Quality by tradition

In recent years, the alice bel colle winery has intensified its quality policy through a careful selection of grapes and a reduction in its yield per hectare.


United to grow

The vineyards of the 100 members of the Alice Bel Colle winery cover a productive area of 350 hectares. Annual production is approximately 3200 tons.