Intense aromas
and strong personality
with a low alcohol content

Among the first wineries to claim this new Piedmont DOC Moscato Secco (dry Moscato).

We have been producing a dry Moscato for over 10 years (since before the development of the DOC). Intense aromas and strong personality with a low alcohol content.

The Wines

How 360° is born

Surrounded by vineyards of Barbera, Moscato and Brachetto at 360 degrees, Alice Bel Colle Winery and its one hundred winegrowers partner aim to consolidate the strong wine identity of the Alto Monferrato Acquese, in order to enhance its knowledge among connoisseurs.


Our company firmly believes in these principles and
obtained the Equalitas sustainability certification in April 2021.


Discover our tours

A tour that will allow you to enjoy the extraordinary olfactory expression of the Moscato and Brachetto vines in two intriguing dry versions and a traditionally sweet one.

We will taste the flagship wines we produce, the best expression of the three most cultivated vines in our territory: Moscato, Brachetto and Barbera, produced in 4 dry versions and one sweet.

A journey that will allow you to fully experience our “wonderland”: it starts from the cellar and ends with a tasting on the panoramic point at the top of the town.