In the cradle of the hills

the alto monferrato area keeps its most precious treasures: vines that become inlaid with splendid bunches of grapes


On the paths between the vines

discover the bond between man and nature, which has been perfected over the course of time in the art of winemaking.


In the nuances of a flavour

discover the reflections of a land and the people that have cultivated it wisely for generations.


A winery composed of people.

Behind the name and the quality guarantee of the Alice Bel Colle Winery are the faces and hands of over 150 members, who have been working with pride and passion for generations.

  • Vigneto sociale

    ‘Vigneto sociale’ is an eco-sustainable project by the alice bel colle cooperative winery, which has produced the world's first ecotourism wine!

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